Triple Sports Hall, Düsseldorf

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Triple Sports Hall, Düsseldorf
Triple Sports Hall. Düsseldorf Düsseldorf city council intensively promotes school and competitive sports. As a result of this policy the Comenius High School in Oberkassel, where particular emphasis is placed on sports, has been extended by the construction a triple sports hall. The sports hall, with a 300-seater spectator stand, is primarily intended to be a competition hall and is designed to accommodate club sports when not in school use. The new hall faces the school building and consists of three staggered blocks constructed in brickwork. The other side faces the splendid series of existing trees along the street frontage. Its use as a sports hall is legible from the outside of the building. The three glazed blocks, which stretch over the full depth of the hall, extend to the road in front of the facade and serve to widen the upper level of the spectator area at the level of the tree tops. The design brings the determining materials in the facade, the brickwork and “greenery`, into the interior to create a homogenous, reduced appearance. The interior, made light and bright by the glazed sides, is dominated by the lattice girders of the orthogonal shed roof. The lattice girder loadbearing structure exploits the component material properties with top and bottom flanges of timber and compression struts and diagonals of steel. This major component dominates the interior and makes the structural system recognisable to sports participants and spectators. All other installations share the same monochrome colour scheme to create a simple appearance, despite the presence of diverse types of sports equipment. In the ancillary room zones, the circulation routes are spacious and colour-coded as an aid to orientation within the building. The public areas are widened to suit their frequency of use. A special feature is the multipurpose rooms on the first floor for exercise and fitness, which have a direct view into the hall. The access hallway is on the opposite side to the spectator stand.


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