In one of the most densely populated cities of the world where open spaces are less than 1 % of the land area in the city ,this project creates an elevated ,pollution free ,vehicle free open space that constitutes 50% of its site area creating 1.80 acres of garden in the site of 3.65 acres. In a city where the road area is less than 1% of the total land area with traffic congestion and a huge shortage of parking spaces, This project is planned as a self sufficient environment where working, living ,entertainment, retail and sporting activities are within 100 m of walking distance from each other , and it not only provides for sufficient car parking space for its users but also includes a large public parking area to eliminate the shortfall of the parking space in the entire neighborhood. The linear site stretches for 208 m along one of the city’s arterial roads a few blocks away from the coastline that runs parallel to it. The complex programme of the site involves the re-housing of 336 residential units that currently occupy the site in Ground+3 buildings. Planning had to be done in the manner that did not disturb the existing housing on the site while providing accommodation for them in the new development. The central portion of the site is the only free space to start construction and therefore necessitated the location of the residential tower along the centre that would provide new apartments for the existing residents and create more residential spaces for new occupants. A hotel and an office building, part of the mixed use programme are therefore located at either ends of the linear site while retail spaces are planned along the road frontage. By proposing an 8 level car parking podium that provides public parking and parking for the complex the entire podium is elevated to a level from which the sea is visible, also making it pollution free. The proposed built form is designed as a series of varied cuboids interweaves, creating open landscape terrace at the higher levels too in addition to a large landscaped garden at the podium thereby creating a total open area equivalent to that of the entire site. Office spaces, residential spaces and hospitality spaces each have large open terrace areas generating built spaces that integrate with open spaces at various heights. The fragmentation achieved by this rendition of built spaces creates individuality while scaling the built form down. The horizontality achieved by the interspersed cuboids reduces the verticality of the building rendering it organic. Along with numerous features to create sustainability, this project is designed as a benchmark for urban renewal where all types of spaces are designed with in the project to create a complete environment as a micro city within the city.


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