Trimo Urban Crash 2011: Life Stand

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Sports ground. Festival area. Meeting point. And finally - an everyday space. That would be a fair description of Fuzines’ southern edge. Place within the competition project should arise. The proposed object, in our opinion should be a tool, a catalyst for existing
vibrant atmosphere of the place, enhancing it rather than changing. Making it slightly better, not different. A change through evolution, not revolution.

Proposed structure is located between two sport courts – giving it the best location for watching games. Moreover , the use of the narrow lawn stripe, somehow an empty border area, can save space for new playgrounds, or festival area. The space around
courts is left for a future shapeshift, lets use, already defined border space. Moreover, it can be a good reason to get rid of old, clumsy seatings there.

The object is originating from the ordinary tribune, being transformed from a single log-like structure, making it more feasible to the existing situation. The seating are flipped to serve as spectator stand for both courts, not one. Then, two parts are drawn aside to create a connection space between two gaming areas. The inner ends are lowered for ease of access, and turned for better viewing conditions towards courts. Moreover, the two tribunes are now not only suitable for courts, but the common viewing direction as well. Also the structure turns the inbetween space into an additional event. Finally, the cover is added, joining two separated parts into one object, and adding a shelter ability to the final structure.

The object should be made in trimo INVISO tehnology, to preserve, pure, almost seamless shape. Green color was chosen to represent the kind of informality, that usually is connected with lawn areas, however white interior could be helpful for arranging space, especially when projecting slides or movies on a wall.The stepping landscape combines two significant dimensions, 16 cm for a comfortable stair step, and 48cm for a seating height. Then, adjusted to 80 cm of width and 70 cm of depth, creates a series of individual tribune seating/ viewing points/ chaisselonges, which can be used accordingly to overall
situation or individual need.

So is it still a tribune, a spectator stand? Definitely yes, however not only court oriented. Its rather an multifunctional object, incorporating scene, shelter, relaxing space. An life-oriented-tribune, simply, a life stand. 

Here is more information from the organisers:

Opening of the winning project for the Trimo Urban Crash 2011

The workshop for finalists was mentored by Professor Cyril Shinga from the Chelsea College of Art and Design from the University of Arts – Trimo Research Awards were also granted.

Trimo officially handed over a public architectural installation “Life Stand” – the winning project of the Trimo Urban Crash competition for students of architecture and design which was created by Polish students, Wojciech Nowak from an architectural faculty in Gliwice, and Martynika Bielawska, from an art and design academy in Wroclaw.

The opening event was held in the centre of the residential neighbourhood of Fužine in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The event was opened by the General Manager of Trimo, Tatjana Fink, and the Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana prof. Janez Koželj. A rich accompanying program with the Dunking Devils acrobatic team, the Bast dance group, and the performance of rapper, Adam Velić, ended with a banquet at the Museum of Architecture and Design, where it was the second day of the Trimo Urban Crash workshop for students whose projects were shortlisted in this year’s competition.

The creative workshop entitled “Responsible Architecture”, which was held by Professor Cyril Shing from the Chelsea College of Arts and Design, University of Arts London, and a former associate in the architectural bureau, Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd, London, was attended by 47 finalists from 16 different countries. The three-day workshop at which participants explored the importance of sustainable thinking in architecture and design creativity came to its end one day after the opening event with joint presentations of the finished products at the symposium and one-day excursion across Slovenia.

Trimo Urban Crash

The international Trimo Urban Crash competition for students of architecture and design was, for the third time, organised by Trimo. The competition, which encourages a creative transformation of the urban environment with the help of advanced building materials and technologies, was held between 15 October 2010 and 31 January 2011. The students of architecture and design, from 56 countries from all over the world, presented their ideas and submitted a total of 363 proposals for an urban multi-purpose facility at a location in Fužine.

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