Tretyakovskaya (Russian: Третьяко́вская) is a cross-platform station on the Moscow Metro serving the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya and the Kalininskaya Lines. It is named after the nearby State Tretyakov Gallery. Unlike Kitay-gorod which was purpose-built as a cross-platform interchange station, Tretyakovskaya operated normally station before the connection with Kalininskaya Line in 1986. At that time a second platform was opened and the station became a cross-platform interchange.

The original station opened on January 3, 1971. Designed by V. Polikarpova and A. Marova, it has blocky pylons faced with white Koyelga marble and joined by a continuous marble cornice. All Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line trains stopped at this station until 1986, when the new northern platform opened. Currently the older (southern) platform is served by northbound trains terminating at Medvedkovo and Novogireyevo.

The southbound (northern) platform, served by trains terminating at Tretyakovskaya and Novoyasenevskaya, was designed by R. Pogrebnoy and V. Filippov. It features curved white marble separated by translucent panels which conceal fluorescent light fixtures. The walls are faced with red marble and decorated with a series of plaques by Alexander Bourganov depicting great Russian painters.

The two platforms are joined by a passage located midway along their length and also by the shared vestibule, which opens onto Klimentovsky Lane.


The station is connected to Novokuznetskaya station by a subway.

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