Tres Rios Bird and Butterfly Garden

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Tres Rios Bird and Butterfly Garden


Since 1850, Arizona has lost all but 4% of its wetlands. The introduction of a butterfly garden at the Tres Rios Wetlands Demonstration Site provided the opportunity to educate as well as provide the public with a sense of immersion within it’s natural environment. The graphics along the path of the man-made rabbit wall around the garden describe the history of development in the region from the creation of the landscape to early native settlements, to contemporary development and today’s effort to bring a healthy environment back to the wetlands. Six free-standing interpretive signs describe the creation of the wetlands as well as the relationship between humans and nature. These signs act as a cerebral counterpoint to the free flowing graphics of the butterfly garden. As visitors arrive in the garden itself, they are completely enclosed in natural elements- even using boulders as seating.


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    Walkway leading up to the Tres Rios Bird and Butterfly Garden Entrance to interior of garden Interior of garden Continued path around intermediate area of garden Front view of garden Composite image showing history of water in the region Way finding sign describing the importance of water Composite image showing all six free-standing signs Interior of garden
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