The Triangle Link (Norwegian: Trekantsambandet) is a tunnel and bridge system connecting the islands Stord and Bømlo to the mainland of Norway. It was officially opened on April 30, 2001 by King Harald V.

The main underwater tunnel is Bømlafjord Tunnel; 7,860 m long it reaches 260 metes below sea level, it was opened on December 28, 2000.

There are three bridges:

  • The suspension bridge to Stord, Stord Bridge, 1,077 m long, with a centre span of 677 m, the tower reaching 97 m above sea level.
  • The suspension bridge to Bømlo, Bømla Bridge, 990 m long, with a centre span of 577 m and 105-meter towers.
  • The Spissøy Bridge, 350 m long.