Travel Town Museum
Travel Town Museum is a transport museum within Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. Travel Town was dedicated on December 14, 1952. There is no charge for museum admission or parking. It is open daily (except Christmas.) Located outdoors, in the expansive Griffith Park, the museum's primary collection focus is the history of railroad transportation in the western United States from 1880 to the 1930s, with a particular emphasis on railroading in Southern California and the Los Angeles area. The museum has numerous steam locomotives and other rolling stock on display, and some currently undergoing restoration. Visitors are permitted to climb only into the cabs of designated steam locomotives as well as into select passenger cars and cabooses. Docents guide small group tours of sleeper and club cars on the second Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Visitors are not permitted to climb under, over or on the sides of any and all equipment. Railway Collection The Railroad Museum portion contains 43 full-scale Railroad engines, cars and other rolling stock.

Their collection of 17 locomotives includes:
  • AT&SF No. 664, a 1899 Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation steam locomotive .
  • California Western No. 56, Ex McCloud River No. 33, a 1955 Baldwin RS-12 Diesel locomotive .
  • Camino-Placerville & Lake Tahoe No. 2, a 1922 Lima three-truck narrow gauge Shay locomotive .
  • Conrock No. 1, a 1925 American (Cooke Works) 0-6-0 switcher steam locomotive .
  • Los Angeles Harbor Department No. 31, a 1921 Davenport 0-4-0T switcher steam locomotive .
  • Los Angeles Harbor Department No. 32, a 1914 American (Rogers Works) 0-4-0T switcher steam locomotive .
  • Pacific Electric No. 1544 "Electra", a 1902 North Shore B-B electric locomotive .
  • Pickering Lumber Company No. 2, a 1918 Heisler three truck narrow gauge Heisler steam locomotive .
  • Santa Maria Valley No. 1000, a 1920 American (Schenectady Works) 2-8-2 Mikado steam locomotive .
  • Sharp & Fellows Railroad Contractors No. 7, a 1902 American (Dixon Works) 2-6-2 Prairie steam locomotive .
  • Southern Pacific No. 20, an 1880 Baldwin 0-4-0 switcher steam locomotive , currently undergoing refurbishment to operation as Southern Pacific No. 219 .
  • Southern Pacific No. 1273, a 1921 SP (Sacramento Shops) built 0-6-0 switcher steam locomotive .
  • Southern Pacific No. 3025, a 1904 American (Schenectady Works) 4-4-2 Atlantic steam locomotive .
  • Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (STE) No. 1, an 1864 Norris-Lancaster 4-4-0 American steam locomotive . (pictured)
  • Travel Town No. 1 "The Charley Atkins", Ex US Navy No. 56-00323, a 1941 EMD Model 40 300 hp Diesel locomotive .
  • Union Pacific No. 4439, a 1918 UP built 0-6-0 switcher steam locomotive .
  • Western Pacific No. 26, a 1909 American (Schenectady Works) 2-8-0 Consolidation steam locomotive .
The Travel Town Museum's full locomotive roster can be seen here.

Cabooses and Freight Cars
There are 11 full-scale railway rolling stock examples:
  • AT&SF No. 999110, a 1926 American Car & Foundry caboose.
  • 2 Los Angeles Harbor Dept. Side-Dump ballast cars .
  • Oahu Railway & Land No. 1, a 1900 OR&L built caboose .
  • Richfield Oil No. 670, a 1911 tank car .
  • Southern Pacific No. 1, a circa 1890 wooden boxcar .(in Main Exhibit Hall)
  • Southern Pacific No. 12, a circa 1890 Carter Brothers baggage and Mail car .(in Main Exhibit Hall)
  • Southern Pacific No. 163, a circa 1890 stock car (possibly built by the Virginia & Truckee (Nevada Shops)) .(in Main Exhibit Hall)
  • Southern Pacific No. 4049, a 1961 Pacific Car & Foundry bay window caboose .
  • Southern Pacific No. 30036, a circa 1930 wood sided boxcar .
  • Union Pacific No. 2117, an 1881 wooden caboose.
  • Western Pacific No. 754, a 1910 Haskell and Barker caboose .
The Travel Town Museum's full Freight car and Caboose roster can be seen here.

Passenger Cars
There are 9 examples of passenger train equipment:
  • AT&SF No. 3355, a 1928 Pullman Company Snack Car
  • Oahu Railway & Land No. 1, a circa 1900 OR&L built passenger coach
  • Oahu Railway & Land No. 36, a 1900 OR&L built Passenger/Mail combination car
  • Pennsylvania Railroad No. 4418, a circa 1925 Pennsylvania Railroad built Dining car
  • Southern Pacific No. 2513, a 1919 Pullman Company chair car
  • Union Pacific No. 3669, a 1921 Pullman Dining car, also known as Union Pacific No. 369 .
  • Union Pacific No. LA-701 "The Little Nugget", a 1937 Pullman Dormitory/Club Car .
  • Union Pacific "Hunters Point", a 1940 Pullman sleeping Car .
  • Union Pacific "Rose Bowl", a 1937 Pullman sleeping Car, also known as "Telegraph Hill" .
The Travel Town Museum's full Passenger Car roster can be seen here.

Trolleys, Cable Car, and Motorcar
4 various other passenger equipment examples:
  • AT&SF No. M-177, a 1929 motorized passenger Railcar, incorporating an EMD engine into a Pullman carbody. .
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority No. 1543, a 1911 American Car & Foundry Interurban Trolley Coach , known as a PE Big Red Car "Blimp" and bears both its final green MTA and earlier red PE paint liveries, each on one end and one side.
  • Los Angeles Railway , a circa 1880 Horse-drawn narrow gauge street-railway car.
  • California Street Cable Railroad California Street Cable Railway Co. No. 21 , a 1906 John Hammond & Co. reversible, double ended "California Street" type Cable Car - needing no turntable on each end of the line, with combination open and enclosed "California" style seating sections . Borrowed by Universal Pictures for filming as a Chicago electric trolley car circa 1960's, it was painted #28 .
The Travel Town Museum's partial roster of interurbans and trolleys can be seen here.

Maintenance of Way
  • U.S. Navy No. CSCV1887, 1942 American Hoist and Derrick self propelled Diesel wrecker crane, Serial No. 1887 .
  • U.S. Navy No. 61-02011, (unknown year)(unknown builder) Boom Car, utility flat car for support of the wrecker crane.
  • Track inspection Speeder.
Additional Railway Museum collections and examples

Miniature Train Excursion
Tickets can be purchased to ride the Melody Ranch Special, a miniature train once owned by Gene Autry, for two circles around the museum grounds. The passenger coaches are now covered and the original steam engine has been replaced with "Courage", a chain driven internal combustion motor housed within a fa├žade representing a steam locomotive. (One of three miniature train rides in Griffith Park including Los Angeles Live Steamers and the Griffith Park & Southern Railroad.)

Exhibit Room
  • Artifacts, documents, and ephemera are on display such as menus and chinaware, recollections and timetables, regarding the history of railroading in the United States.

Main Exhibit Hall
Houses additional transportation examples and exhibits.
  • Cut-away boiler demonstration exhibit.
  • Horse drawn wagons
    • Piano Box buggy
    • Coal Box buggy
    • Milk delivery dray
    • milk delivery van
    • chariot from Ben-Hur.
  • Motor Vehicles & Automobiles.
    • Packard Sedan, 9th series, circa 1932
    • 1948 Nash Ambassador Sedan
    • 1918 Mack Dump Truck
    • Oil Delivery (tank) wagon
    • Fire Engine and hand drawn hose cart.
    • Circus Wagon
  • "Holden's Corner" railway safety interactive Children's Discovery Center .
  • The "Little General" locomotive demonstration engine .
  • Viewing platform for the East Valley Lines model train layout.

East Valley Lines
Located behind a roll-up door in the main exhibit hall, the East Valley Lines Model Rail-Road N Gauge Club operates their extensive layout weekends from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for public viewing.

Motor Vehicles
  • Railway Express Agency, 1945 International Harvester Co. & York Body Corp. Model K-5 Express Delivery Truck .

Gift Shop
A variety of books and toys are made available for purchase, benefiting the Travel Town Museum Foundation. Additional Information Travel Town appearances in Media Travel Town is near many television and movie studios, which has prompted those production companies to include scenes requiring railroad equipment to be shot at Travel Town since it opened. A small sample of the thousands of Travel Town's screen appearances is represented below:
  • Adam-12 Episode 101 "Eyewitness" 1972
  • CHiPs Episode 109
  • Columbo "Identity Crisis" 1975
  • Knight Rider Episode 36 "Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend" 1983
  • Royal Crown Revue's "Watts Local" music video was shot in several locations.
  • Six Feet Under Season 4 Episode 8 "Coming and Going"