Transparent toilet

Eleven glass sides for this toilet whose walls are partly made of liquid cristal glass. Under electric tension, the glass is transparent and the toilet shows its clean and functional inside/interior: the user feels safe and sound. Out of tension, they become opaque: the place is now occupied and the users intimacy guaranteed. An innovative concept to deal with insecurity problems whilst playing with transparency.

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  • Keith Rutter
    Keith Rutter commented
    Wonderful idea, you can see it's clean before you enter.
    about 5 years ago via
  • Teodora Todorova
    Teodora Todorova updated 98 media
    about 6 years ago via
  • Richard Vivian
    Richard Vivian commented
    What a fantastic bit of design. Still not entirely sure I would feel entirely unobserved for any length of time.
    about 6 years ago via Mobile