Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture

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Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture
Globally-recognized japanese architect Toyo Ito has completed the 'Toyo Ito Architecture Museum' on the island of Omishima, making it the first museum in Japan dedicated to the work of an individual architect. Situated on a site overlooking the seto inland sea, the holistic form of the structure is sculpted to mimic the deck of a ship.

Read as a three-dimensionally graphic object, the multi-level museum features a skin constructed out of steel sheeting. The faceted faces tilted at a variety of angles lend the exterior a dynamic yet matte aesthetic that establishes a strong and modern identity on the lush site. Contrasting yet playful, the museum demonstrates a clear structural organization that translates itself into a bold carving of interior spaces.

An adjacent structure featuring a series of arches accommodates a workshop and library as a freestanding pavilion. the structural skeleton of the spans are left exposed to highlight the details of the roof.


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