Tour Pleyel
Tour Pleyel is a skyscraper of mixed use, both residential and commercial, located in the commune of Saint-Denis in the suburbs of Paris, France. Built in 1972, the tower is 129 meters tall. At the top is a large turning advertising sign, in place since 1997 (the advertisement was firstly for Philips, and has been for Siemens since 2006). Including that advertising sign, the total height of the tower is 143 m. The tower has been built at the former location of the Pleyel factories. Several projects have been proposed since 1959, the one which had been adopted was planning the building of 4 identical towers in the middle of a large urban park of 4 ha. Plans for heliports on the roofs of the towers were even made. Only one of the originally planned towers has been built. The tower is located nearby the metro station of Carrefour Pleyel on Line 13.


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