Tour Generali
Tour Generali (Generali Tower) is a skyscraper planned for construction in the business quarter of La Défense in Courbevoie ( Hauts-de-Seine, France). The project was officially initiated on 18 October 2006 and is being built for Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali. Part of the modernisation of La Défense, the project is being constructed by Vinci on the old site of the Iris building, which was completed in 1983. Tour Generali will have an estimated height of 319 meters (1100 feet) from ground level, at a total cost estimate of 500 million euros. The building will have 400m² of PV cells, 800m² of solar panels and 18 axial wind turbines on site to produce energy. Other environmental initiatives being taken in the project include mixed-mode ventilation with night purging, use of thermal mass, district heating/cooling and multi-service chilled beams (e.g. ventilation, cooling heating and lighting). Upon completion, the tower may be one of the tallest buildings in the European Union. However, there are other buildings in development such as the Hermitage Plaza and Shard London Bridge which will exceed its height, the Shard having already reached its 20th floor.

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