Torres Porta Fira

The first in a series of high rise buildings in the ambitious urban development around L’Hospitalet City’s new Plaza Europa, the two 110m-tall towers of the Torres Porta Fira stand between the airport and the city centre. In negotiating between the fluid landscape of the trade fair and the Plaza Europa's orthogonality, these high-rise buildings, one a hotel and the other an office tower, link Montjuic-2 with this new part of Barcelona.

The hotel, a reddish volume rotating and growing wider at the top, is complemented by the office tower, a strictly orthogonal transparent volume with a soft, reddish internal core.

Based on a few simple rules of geometric translation (the plan rotates as it moves up and at one and two thirds of the building height is slightly off-center), the hotel tower appears to be moving and intriguingly fragile, an effect further emphasized by its red skin of closely-spaced anodized aluminum tubes. In addition to the effects of the off-centering, the tower widens in the top third. These smooth transitions are directly felt on the interior as they create a continuous variation of rooms (virtually no two rooms are alike). Similar to the hotel, the core of the office tower rotates and changes as it rises. Sliced by the rectangular volume of the office floors, the vertical circulation core is cut open and receives natural daylight. This sliced core becomes the sole articulation of the otherwise simple facade.

At ground level, the lobby spaces of the hotel and a shopping area under the office tower are linked by a large hall for banquets and conventions. The roof of the podium is a park-like landscape which visually connects the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains, and the Montjuic hill.

This expansion project is intended to provide a stage for Fira de Barcelona to participate not only as a domestic exhibition complex but also to play a significant role in Europe’s major international market. Moreover, together with L’Hospitalet City’s innovative urban development and the axis of the Gran Via, this site is positioned in the city expansion plan as a new landmark within Barcelona’s urban structure. 


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