Torre Ejecutiva Pemex
Torre Ejecutiva Pemex ( Pemex Executive Tower) is a 214 m (703 ft) Mexico City skyscraper opened in 1984. Started in 1981, the tower became the tallest skyscraper in Mexico and one of the world's 100 tallest. It is easily recognizable because of its 2 story telecommunication "hat" atop and its 26th and 48th interruptions on the facade. The building was originally designed as a pair of 26-story towers, but was later transformed into a single 52-story, international style tower. On September 19, 1985, the tower was able to resist the 8.1 earthquake that struck Mexico City. It is said to be one of the strongest skyscrapers in the World, alongside World Trade Center México (former Hotel de México) and Torre Latinoamericana, to resist an 8+ Ritcher Scale earthquake. It surpassed Hotel de México in 1983 and remained the tallest building in Mexico for almost 20 years, until August 2003, when the 55-story Torre Mayor was topped out only half a mile away.


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