Tom Davies Square
Tom Davies Square is the city hall of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Built in the 1970s and formerly known as Civic Square, the building was part of an urban renewal movement toward transforming the city's visual image by investing in more distinctive and modern architecture. The square consists of a triangular main building with its right angle facing the corner of Brady and Paris Streets and a glass-walled hypoteneuse facing onto an outdoor plaza in the centre of the complex. This building contains the city hall proper, its administrative offices and the city council chambers. A diamond-shaped second building located to the west once contained the Sudbury Public School Board and the Sudbury Public Library's Archives Branch. It now houses the headquarters of the Greater Sudbury Police Service. Another diamond-shaped building housing provincial government offices was added to the northeast corner of the site several years later. Prior to the completion of the current facility, the former city hall was so overcrowded that the civic administration was operating out of several different downtown office buildings, and council meetings had to be held in the auditorium of the Sudbury Public Library. The facility was renamed in 1997 in honour of Tom Davies, the retiring chairman of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury.