Tokyo's Infradreams

The project INFRADREAMS is based on a previous hypothesis enouncing a more rationnal use of transit infrastructures and expressways in the heart of the city. This incomplete loop turned out to create a multiplicity of transversal expressways that are oversized compared to the real transit needs. Closing the loop would unload the tranversal expressways from their traffic and would give them back to the city. Without any cars, the dried infrastructures need a new function. What can be done with those square meters of concrete and asphalt? The purpose is then to set up the bearing logic specific to this infrastructure and to use it on all its sides: above, below, laterally. Below. The underside of the elevated tracks hosts a monorail system giving back to the infrastructure its transit function but turning it into a kinder and more social one. Laterally. The 400 meters length of expressways are converted into a Pleasure Park. As for any parks, it hosts its pavilions. Here, small leisure programs, specific to the japanese culture - onsen bath houses, video games, karaoke, pachinko machines.By fully using the infrastructure potential, a new variation on plug-in architecture is then proposed. Above. To avoid a fragmentation effect, programs and architecture are unified by an undulating roof evoking both a flying carpet and a sculptural wrinkle. But this roof is a green roof and, moreover, it is practicable and appropriable. It is a genuine second floor for the Park, a planted promenade, a green link in a city that deeply needs it. The roff-delimited voluetry defines downtown a new artificial geography.


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