Tokyo Dome City

Coordinates: 35°42′20.23″N 139°45′6.82″E / 35.7056194°N 139.7518944°E / 35.7056194; 139.7518944

Tokyo Dome City (formerly known as Big Egg City prior to January 1, 2000) is an entertainment complex in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.

It includes the world's largest roofed baseball stadium known as Tokyo Dome (nicknamed "Big Egg"), an amusement park known as Tokyo Dome City Attractions (formerly Kōrakuen Yūenchi), and Korakuen Hall. In May 2003, a spa resort known as LaQua opened for business near Tokyo Dome City Attractions. It also hosts character shows for the Super Sentai series.

The Tokyo Dome City contains the Tokyo Dome Hotel, a 43-story hotel that is easily visible from the street and from the Tokyo Subway Suidobashi Station, which is only two blocks away.

Tokyo Dome City facilities
  • Tokyo Dome baseball stadium
  • LaQua
    • a building that houses a spa, fitness center and a shopping mall
    • amusement park rides including Big O and Thunder Dolphin
  • Tokyo Dome City Attractions amusement park
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel
  • Yellow Building
    • Sauna Tokyo Dome, Korakuen Hall sports arena
  • Blue Building
    • Tokyo Dome Bowling Center, horse racing
    • JCB Hall
  • Kōrakuen Station of several subway lines, integrated within the complex
  • Kasuga Station of several subway lines, to the north
  • Suidōbashi Station, a JR line station across a street from Tokyo Dome City


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