Tokyo Court House
This Residential District in Tokyo Development Houses Vacant lots and farmlands are being razed to build housing developments. Often the houses are designed in stereotypical styles: Italian, Japanese, Modern, etc. These buildings are designed in a self-serving manner. Little or no attention is given to the relationship between the buildings and their surroundings. Opposed to this style of construction, our project takes into consideration the architecture and the environ. Being environmentally sensitive to the surroundings creates a positive aim to the project. The railway station is a mere ten-minute walk on a cherry tree-lined street commuter buses run on. The land will be divided into three strips. The middle strip will serve as an access road, flanked by two bordering strips. These side strips will be divided into five or six building sites. The property offered per home is over local regulation requirements. The usual rectangular shape is respected. The buildings on each site are not built in a straight line but at random to provide privacy, ventilation, and lighting. Houses are composed in two parts: the ground floor is made of reinforced concrete and the upper floors are made with 2 X 4 wood slats. This type of community, referred to as a “mini development,


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    View from the terrace of TypeA Exterior view of the six units to the south Exterior view of the five units to the north Downward view of the 2nd floor of TypeK Night-time view from the five units to the north Night-time view from the approach Interior view of the living room of TypeJ Interior view of the living room of TypeA Interior view of the room2 of TypeA Interior view of the living room of TypeI Site plan Basement plan 1st floor plan 2nd floor plan Section Elevation Scaled model Colorful and small houses / natural features Scaled model Bird's-eye view from the west
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