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TNT Postal Store Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Den Haag, The Netherlands The traditional Dutch postoffice is changing rapidly; banking and money transactions are no longer available for customers and the emphasys lies on pure postal activities, mail services and other related products. The Dutch postal market has been openend for other parties and the former monopolist TPG (now TNT) will 'have to compete for customers' in order to maintain it's leading position in the market. The concept behind the new interiordesign of the new TNT Postal stores is: “Full-Service where needed, Self-Service where possible.` The well known post office counter with it’s long waiting queues has become history. Bright white, Corian made, full-service desks have been placed strategically inside the store. TNT staff is clearly present and moves through the store, helping customers pro-actively from all positions inside the recognisable service-desks. "How may I help you" instead of 'back in a minute-signs' or tellers closing just when next in line. The interiors surrounding walls, made form black MDF, contain many different self-service machines, coloured in brightly TNT orange. Here customers can weigh, stamp and drop off their letters and parcels quick and easy. They can also design and print their own stamps and postcards or use the free packing table to wrap their parcels in specially designed TNT wrapping paper. Logistical processes and imagery like conveyer belts, storage carts and mail bags are no longer hidden in back-offices but purposely made part of the interior by using transparant glass partition walls and picture windows. The new TNT Postal Stores bridge the gap between the digital email era and the contemporary daily logistical world !


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