TITIANA STAFF HOUSES This porject began in April 2009 and was completed in December 2009. It was funded by RARP (the Recovery Action and Rehabilitation Program of the Solomon Islands government) and Emergency Architects Australia. The project has been designed to benefit the Gilbertese community in the Solomon Islands by providing housing for teachers at the recently completed school. THE BRIEF The brief was to build five staff houses. This was one of the two worst hit communities by the Tsunami of 2007 and is the main school for the minority group Gilbertese who have a significant amount of social problems. The MEHRD (Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development) have funded the reconstruction of Titiana School located in one of the worst hit communities - the minority group of Gilbertese. Co-ordinated by RARP, the project aimed at building five staff houses as per Emergency Architects Australia's standard drawings. It is hoped this project will train youth and encourage the community to return from the squatter camps where they are living. These houses are the prototype for future housing at other schools for MEHRD. This project was completed to a very high standard and was built largely by the community with the help of some skilled local carpenters and the oversight of architects from not-for-profit organisation Emergency Architects Australia. The whole community were involved in the build, from feeding the workers, to milling timber and labour, to hand weaving the window coverings. Local know-how was combined with techniques to brace and protect the building from future disasters.

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