Tingvoll church

Tingvoll Church (Norwegian: Tingvoll kirke) is a church in the municipality of Tingvoll in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The church is the main church for the Tingvoll parish, in the Indre Nordmøre deanery of the Diocese of Møre. The church is one of the few remaining old stone churches that was built in Norway. There is some uncertainty as to when it was actually constructed, but records indicate it was between 1150 and 1200. The 800+ year old church in Tingvoll and the large angular farmhouse beside it, lie on a beautiful spot on the north side of the Tingvollfjorden, just outside of the village of Tingvoll off of the highway 70. The church was built here because in the Viking age, Tingvoll was a court place for all of the Nordmøre region, which is why the church is sometimes called Nordmørsdomen, meaning the Nordmøre cathedral.


The church is 32 metres (105 ft) long and the steeple and spire (added in 1787), is 36 metres (118 ft) tall. The 1.8-metre (5 ft 11 in) thick walls have corridors inside, both on the south side and on the north side. The corridors lead to steep stairs up to the crown of the wall under the rafters and then down again with the same steep pitch. It is a mystery why they were constructed. So also a balcony outside under the gable, located above the chancel. The church is richly decorated. From the painted walls in the weaponhouse, the whitewash paintings inside the nave, to the arc ceiling in the chancel which is adorned with stars and "half" moons. In the chancel wall, behind the top of the altarpiece, there is a marble rock with runic inscriptions. This inscription contains a prayer and also what is believed to be the name of the constructor - Gunnar. In 1928-1929 the church underwent some restoration work.