Timberland Westfield
OVERVIEW Following a visit to site for Timberland’s new store at Westfield London we were challenged by the developers to create a visually dynamic store (exterior) to enhance the overall concept of the centre, and by Timberland to bring the brand’s iconic tree logo to life and show their environmental values in action. The design follows Timberland’s ‘marketplace’ concept created by CK (ourselves), which has been adopted for international rollout. Creating stores where the majority of the design concept is fixed, with an allowance for local influences. At Westfield the allowance for local and special features increases in-line with its status as a flagship store. The aim was to create a store using a high level of recycled and repurposed materials and with low energy consumption as Timberland is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible way. Providing visibility into the footprint the business creates, Timberland introduced a “Green Index” – to measure their environmental impact which, will measure three key areas: • Climate Impact: Greenhouse gas emissions created through production • Chemicals Used: The presence of hazardous substances (PVC, chrome and solvent-adhesives) • Resource Consumption: Percentage, by weight of recycled, organic and renewable materials Their hope is that other like-minded companies will join them in developing an industry-wide index for comparing the environmental impacts of our design choices. CHALLENGES • TO MAXIMISE SUSTAINABILITY The design concept uses a high level of recycled/repurposed materials and has low-energy consumption. We started with Timberland’s brand essence and used this to inform the design concept. This enabled us to create a visual language and a crafted solution to create a commercial store which is in line with Timberland’s values as an outdoor brand, demonstrating their environmental values in action. This store is the first to launch the store nutritional label; communicated to consumers via a ‘feature frame’ displayed in-store showing the ‘store ingredients’, construction and everyday energy consumption of the store design. • 85%+ of the store’s materials have served other purposes in a previous life (recycled/repurposed), or are from sustainable sources and constructed using processes and materials with the lowest environmental impact. • 500m² of reclaimed timber used on interior/exterior of store. • 2.6m³ of recycled wood on our fixturing/fittings. • Props sourced from an old Warwickshire embroiders factory. • Mannequins made from 100% recycled using water based glue/paste. • Store interior lighting 28.33 watt per m² versus average 50watt per m² (outperforming Timberland’s target of 30watt per m²) 43%, lower lighting energy usage than the average store. This store exemplifies LEED (USA’s organisation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which awarded Timberland stores in the USA (using this concept), Gold LEED accreditation. • VISUAL IMPACT We were challenged to create a visually dynamic exterior to enhance the shopping-centre and a design concept that would Timberland’s environmental values in action. With more than 265 stores from over 15 countries at Westfield London, this included the challenge to provide standout for the brand, in this fashion dominated shopping centre. • Taking cues from Timberland’s logo and the dynamic tree-like roof supports, forming the architecture of Westfield, we pushed the boundaries, creating a lattice of reclaimed timber branches that stretch the full 25m side-elevation, 11m storefront, 8.5m store-height, wrapping the store in Timberland’s iconic logo, connecting to the architecture of the centre and creating an impactful exterior, which brings the brand’s iconic logo to life and is highly visible from a distance. • CONSTRUCTION We worked closely with structural-engineers on this exacting project to ensure the implementation our distinctive design for the façade with its complex engineering angles for glazing and supporting steelwork, including compliance with building and health & safety regulations. The STRIKING FAÇADE is a unique design element, attracting consumers to the store from across the mall. It creates such a strong brand statement, that the fret-cut steel signage merely acts as an endorsement that, this is Timberland. 3.5m doors, constructed from salvaged planks, flank the entrance, opening wide to welcome customers into the store. • INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE Overhead wooden beams draw consumers to the heart of the store and the main footwear displays: ‘CURVED FOOTWEAR WALL’ clad in Timberland original boot leather using factory off-cuts and the vintage ‘SHOE-LATH WALL’, set against hot-rolled steel back-panel. Both displays are artful in their design, using materials which reinforce the craftsmanship/heritage of the brand with bespoke designed display bracket, allowing versatile merchandising. The ‘COMMUNITY TOTEM’ at store centre details Timberland’s support for the community and environmental projects and those involved, e.g. reforestation 700,000 trees planted to date. Large atmospheric CHANGING ROOMS with interior graphics reference the outdoors and an ante-space reference the 1908 Olympic stadium that once stood on this site. CASH DESK with a raw handcrafted feel, constructed out of layers of timber and leather off-cuts, set against a backdrop of reclaimed doors. “This store provides a perfect example of what we stand for as a brand. It reflects our heritage in craftsmanship; our relationship to the outdoors; as well as our environmental values in action. The store front and ‘Market Place’ interior design represents Timberland’s iconic landmark in the retail world” Ales Kernjak, Timberland, Head of Visual Communications The store is designed around the passion and beliefs of the brand; communicated through textural use of recycled/repurposed/reused materials, which complement the clothing and footwear ranges on display. The store navigation is simple and displays use storytelling to bring products to life. All elements together contribute to an enriched brand and consumer centric shopping experience, making Timberland Westfield a destination store. Timberland aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience, which illustrates how an environmental objective can result in a beautiful and innovative space, which exemplifies the potential in sustainable retail architecture.


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