Timber Stadium
The proposal for a timber stadium marks a step change in the ambition of all-timber architecture. This research design utilises CAD geometry and timber CNC cutting processes to produce an optimised stadium structure with minimum material and waste. The entire structure is cross-laminated mass-timber panels, with a steel cable truss roof span of 100m, and 50% composite plywood, 50% ETFE variable skin roof. The internal approach is characterised by adaptability and accessibility: sports pitches at grade, 6,000 seats as mobile-retractable clusters; pedestrian and installation vehicle traffic can enter all around the perimeter; ETFE and cable roof structure offers daylight control and multi-point suspension to allow open plan multi-use space. Why timber? Timber is the most used traditional construction material over the centuries and therefore has been tested over time. Over the last few years the timber industry has progressed with new innovations, materials and methods of construction. These innovations include glulam, cross-laminated timber (CLT) and composite boards to name but a few. With the introduction of these materials it has been possible to push the design of new timber buildings, with greater numbers of storeys and larger spans. This stadium of the future sets new standards for the potential scale of carbon negative timber structures. Wood is also an outstanding renewable material that offers a range of environmental benefits and through responsible sourcing can achieve a high sustainability rating. From the production of cross-laminated panels zero waste can be achieved as the off cuts and sawdust can be used for bio mass burners and insulation. This research proposal allows for ‘just in time’ delivery, reducing the amount of storage on the site. The CLT panels can be delivered to site in standard shipping containers, by rail, road and/or water. Why ETFE? We considered and designed around ETFE’s many advantages over glass which include: - Much lighter than glass - Does not degrade under UV light and has a life in excess of 50 years - Quick installation - Self cleanses and needs little maintenance - Does not suffer from earth quake or building movements unlike glass - Allows controlled solar gain - Acoustically soft - Can be lit, projected on, and enhanced to create an iconic building This is not a specific box but a generous bowl, derived from the need for flexibility, economy, and ecology. Currently seeking client with vision.


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