The project is located in the tourist resort of Bom Sucesso Design Resort, Leisure & Golf, in Óbidos, Portugal west coast. It consists of four blocks of three-bedroom townhouses, grouped two by two. Blocks A and B have only one floor repeated 10 times ( 5 + 5 ), while blocks C and D have two floors repeated 8 times (4 + 4), thus forming two uniform sets. The conceptual premises of this project were: the search for a sense of unity to each set of two blocks of the same type; the orientation of the villas to the South, within the diversity of the two types proposed by the Bom Sucesso masterplan; the assured continuity of public paths within the common area, from any access street to the swimming pool deck; and, last, an openness of the blocks to the access streets B and B5, as well as the common garden of the plot. The conceptual approach to blocks A and B included the demand for profitability of the area in question (139 sq. meters) and also the pursuit of a rhythm given by the repetition of equal volumes, where one volume hosts the services and common areas, while the next volume hosts the bedrooms and suite. At the intersection of the volumes lies a courtyard that makes the transition from the exterior to the entrance of the house. The entire house follows an architecture of volumes which creates spaces closed within themselves, but which through their interaction bring to light ambiguous exterior/interior spaces that create singular spatial and natural light arrangements. For blocks C and D, we sought a unifying gesture by drawing a horizontal beam that separates the two floors of the building and encompasses the whole. The volume play produces a rhythm of forward and backward motion, and determines the occupation of the different spaces that make up the villa. The functional logic we used places the services and common areas on the lower floor and the bedrooms and suite on the upper floor.


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