Thomastown railway station, Melbourne

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Thomastown is a railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in the suburb of Thomastown, on the Epping railway line. Thomastown is classed as a Premium Station and is in Metcard Zone 2.

Thomastown is located between High Street and Station Street, with station access from both. The station consists of one side platform, with a large brick building in the centre. The building houses an enclosed waiting area, ticket facilities and toilets. A large Metcard ticket vending machine is located inside the waiting area, which is able to dispense most ticketing options available and also accept notes and coins. A small coin-only Metcard ticket vending machine is also located inside the waiting area. A small kiosk is located adjacent to the building.

Platforms, services and connecting bus services
Platform 1:
  • Suburban Metro Trains services to Flinders Street & Epping
  • 554 Thomastown ”“ Thomastown via Lalor RS (Monday to Friday (peak)). Operated by Reservoir Bus Company.
  • 555 Northland SC ”“ Epping Plaza via Reservoir RS, Ruthven RS, Keon Park RS, Thomastown RS, Lalor RS (every day). Operated by Reservoir Bus Company.
  • 557 Thomastown ”“ Thomastown via Lalor RS (Monday to Saturday). Operated by Reservoir Bus Company.
  • 570 Thomastown ”“ RMIT Bundoora via Lalor Plaza SC (Monday to Friday). Operated by East West Bus Company.
  • 575 Thomastown ”“ Epping North via Epping Plaza SC, Epping RS (Monday to Saturday). Operated by Reservoir Bus Company.

Thomastown opened on December 23, 1889 on the line to Whittlesea, being served by country trains. Electrification and suburban trains was extended along 4.4 kilometres of single track to Thomastown in 1929, paid for by a land developer who paid for the works, who also guaranteed against operating loses. From 1931 it was the terminus of the Whittlesea railmotor shuttle service, remaining so until electric suburban services were extended to Lalor station in November 1959, and services beyond discontinued and the line closed. Thomastown was upgraded to a Premium Station in 1996. A VicRoads park and ride upgrade was opened in early 2007, with an additional 100 car spaces opened to the south-east of the station, taking the total to 330. As of 2010 the railway station is under construction to receive a second track line and another platform on the station street side.

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