Theater Hotel
Nini Andrade Silva unveils its latest architectural and interior design project, the Theater Hotel, located in the historical downtown of Oporto, World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As the name suggests, the Theater Hotel was developed around a concept directly related to its previous function, the legendary Teatro Baquet. The interior architecture and design project integrates all its history and respect for the space’s soul, what comes to life as an elegant and subtle environment. The doors open, the curtain rises, and the show initiates a story that is told from the Hotel’s within in to the heart of the city! The interior design’s concept was developed entirely based on the world of the arts and entertainment, it is felt in every room, area or detail of the Theater Hotel, where its lighting is a key element of the whole project, based on the notion of involving minimum visibility of the light sources. Nini Andrade Silva had implemented this concept for an ever higher goal to let light give maximum rendering to the textures while having minimum intrusion to the architecture and interiors. As a true concert hall, the bronze tones and simply textures embody all the interiors, which created nuances of refinement and uniformity that extends to different floors of the building, simply becoming a shield hidden in the mysterious floors on the schedule of our trip ahead. The main entrance offer us an eloquent poem from one of the greatest Portuguese Poets of the century - Almeida Garrett, just as a heartfelt tribute to one of the main personalities of the Portuguese Theater and one of the greatest figures of Portuguese Romanticism. As the main door opens we are pulled into the box-office to buy our ticket granting us the access into the rooms. Part of every entertainment experience is the atmosphere where it takes place! In the background, the restaurant and bar become themselves a stage with audience and his own privileged theater boxes which provide comfort and privacy to the guests. The restaurant is made from a palette of materials making its luxurious design possible, as a dream carved into reality. The furniture's design is a fusion of different design classics as well as a few surprises up their sleeves! The environment experienced in the bar takes us straight to any theater or opera, where the sofas design is inspired in the sixties and the countertops are made of recycled glass. Throughout all the space there are stage ropes as well as accessories and clothes belonging to famous artists who participated in the Filipe La Feria shows, a famous Portuguese theater director. The show must go on and the next scene takes us to the interior patio where a huge chandelier gives the opulence and exuberance of the great theaters to the space. The warmness of colors adds vastness in this space and the continuity of space is emphasized through the interior patio, which allows the indoor bar space to virtually breathe through. Penetrating the walls and on the way to the rooms, the corridors are coated by large curtains in order to give intimacy and coziness throughout the hotel. The 74 rooms - Gallery, Tribune, Audience, Junior Suite and Suite - spread over the six floors, are comfortable and sophisticated with shades of gold and bronze. Offering guests a wonderful variety of accommodation options made by modern amenities and a unique ambience, the bedrooms are similar to "perfect urban sanctuaries". The art sensation overflows inside the rooms which represent the obvious care for detail from Nini Andrade Silva. Into the bathroom facilities, which allows light into the bedroom through a glass surface, there are old bathtubs with bronze feet contained in glass boxes and there are chariots with theatre clothes as if it were true dressing rooms. As a permanent search between the space harmony and design, Nini Andrade Silva Atelier has created several furniture pieces totally inspired into the theater and performing arts world, such as the sofa in the reception which represents a film reel of Footage Theater with images from Filipe La Feria shows, scenic lamps, chairs similar to those used in ancient theaters. All over the hotel it is possible to find accessories and theater clothes belonging to famous theater artists and stand out the beautiful work on recycled glass in the bathrooms facilities. In a constant search for original details, the carpets reproduce authentic photographs and, at the entrance of the restaurant, the welcome is given by a great wall that represent the audience of the old theater, in which Nini changed the faces of the photographed people to represent the faces of those who developed the project, including the owners of the Hotel, as a sort of surprise and discovery of "who's whom". The Gym located on the top floor, again in shades of gold and bronze, transforms the hotel into a genuine relaxation or action space, in the heart of the city. The architecture and interior design project reflects a great job that had resulted in a new Ninimalist Hotel!


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