The Zipper

WXY’s Zipper Bench was officially unveiled, together with UN Studio’s New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion, at Battery Park, New York City on May 12th. The Zipper conceptually strives to positively encourage social interaction with any different number of people gathering, relaxing and engaging.

The bespoke elements of the bench design facilitate a multiplicity of options in their arrangement. These components act as parts within the urban whole. The bench seductively approaches the Kentucky Coffee trees placed throughout Peter Minuit Plaza as a flat plane allowing for multiple sitting positions simultaneously.

As it rises effortlessly towards the tree it splices around the trunk not only creating an integration with the landscape elements but provides shifting views and vantage points. The zipper bench by WXY has been installed in the Zaha Hadid designed Dongdaemun History & Culture Park in Seoul, Korea as a design exchange between New York and Seoul.

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