The Wedge, Copenhagen Business School

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The Wedge, Copenhagen Business School

The Wedge
Copenhagen Business School
Copenhagen, Denmark

The two-stage architectural competition, won by Lundgaard & Tranberg, consisted of a new faculty building and an overall plan for the future expansion of the entire CBS campus. The new faculty building is situated on a tapering site, framing the longitudinal main footpath through the campus area, and rounding off the campus area towards Solbjerg Place. Named the “Wedge,” because of its wedge-shaped geometry, the main body of the 4-story building rests on an organically shaped one-story base that appears as an extension of the campus landscape. Two equally important entrances take the form of passages through the ground floor landscape where the most public areas, café, lounge and study places, are located on stepped platforms. The interior is organized around a 5-story atrium, the unifying spatial focus, where two glass elevators and a spiral staircase connect to the upper floors. Large circular skylights draws daylight into the depth of the building. There are few fixed elements which allows for flexible room sizes with access from the open walkways around the atrium. The atrium also forms part of the climate control system, based primarily on natural ventilation. The exterior is characterised by floor high shutters in various materials, giving the building an always changing facade determined by the weather, the time of day or night, and the changing activities behind the facade. The expansion of the campus area will take place in step with changing needs, ensuring at all times that the campus area retains its unified look, tied together by a few distinct landscape elements: a central promenade, gently undulating lawns and a number of large groves of red oak.



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