The Waterfall Bar

About the venue:

The waterfall was created by a group of men for a public display space in the heart of Tokyo in 2006. The architecture was designed by Tadao Ando and the “waterfall” optical glass bar was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and installation was performed by Olafur Eliasson. Together, this group of men created what appears to be a bar made from water. Using an optical glass block, the same material used in larger observatory telescopes and that is worked entirely by hand. By nature, and because of the way it is shaped, the glass has a rippled surface that accentuates the impression of seeing a liquid that has frozen over, rather than an actual solid. When approaching the table, a feeling of instability takes hold of the visitor, who has the sensation of having to sit down in a void, or better on a wobbly, liquid substance that seems as if it could flow away like the water of a Waterfall.


About the water table:

The world‘s largest optical glass table.
The block of special glass. which is used on the space shuttle, is made from a 4.5-meter giant optical
glass block. Its strong appearance reminds of the water running down the surface of a sheer cliff.
This optical glass work was completed lollowing the “Water Block" and the ‘Chair that disappears
inthe rain," which were designed in 2002.

Description by Tokujin Yoshioka


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