The Wallpaper Factory
The Wallpaper Factory is a mixed use development creating a new community of office, live work and residential users in Islington, North London. The residential component is arranged as houses and apartments around an internal courtyard with the street frontage to Offord Road. There are four maisonettes, one house, ten live work units of varying sizes, five apartments and two penthouses. The offices at ground floor maintain an active frontage to Offord Road with large glazed openings. Commemorating the site’s former use as the Cole's wallpaper factory, the street frontage is clad in terracotta panels celebrating one of the original Cole’s woodblocks used for hand printing the papers. The panels created in faience (hand made glazed baked terracotta) by Shaws of Darwen preserve a currently endangered traditional craft and demonstrate the value of handcrafted elements in modern buildings.


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