The Ungaretti Park
At the end of August of 1916, Giuseppe Ungaretti, on the battlefields of the Karst, delivered what he considered to be his "spiritual haversack" to the young lieutenant Ettore Serra. It contained little scraps of paper, the edges of newspapers and the blank spaces of the letters he had received, on which he had written poems during the months of war. The intention of the poet infantryman was to entrust the lieutenant, he had met - in Versa in spring of 1916 - and with whom he had immediately become close friends, with all the poems he had written in the period previous to that, spent on the front lines on Mount San Michele and on the Karst above Sagrado or during the recovery periods spent in the nearby villages of Versa and Mariano. Ettore Serra, himself a poet, loved Ungaretti's poems. Being profoundly touched by the force and originality of the verses he offered his fellow soldier, at his own expense, to publish them by the Stabilimento Tipografico Friulano di Udine publishers, and immediately becomes active. The first collection by Ungaretti was published in December 1916, in eighty copies, under the title "Il porto sepolto" ("The Buried Harbour") and incl...


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