The Stealth
The design of the Stealth began as a consequence of remediation required for earth removal on what was formerly an industrial site. In the warehouse closest to the street, chemicals used by a former tenant had leaked out over a number of years and contaminated the soil. The first warehouse was demolished in order to gain access to the substandard earth. That earth was removed, leaving an enormous cavity. Rather than filling the hole, it was reshaped to form a large outdoor theatre/garden with seating for 600.

The block wall of the façade has two openings: the north opening forms the theater proscenium, the south opening allows parking and vehicle access at the rear of the site. On the north end, the new 325-foot long building is three sided. The south end is four sided. The bold geometric form and visible transition in section from a square to a triangle appealed to the creative advertising agency that occupies this office building. The tenants felt that the building and the high visibility resulting from its prominent raised location reflected their own ethos of creativity and innovation.

The building is entered through a glass-enclosed lobby at grade. The north wing of the raised two-story office block is a large floor with an open mezzanine. The south wing provided two more conventionally enclosed floor levels. The area adjacent to the lobby is a garden, sunlit from the south and west.

The architects of EOM worked closely with the contractor and subcontractors to devise an efficient means of construction. By using the offices advanced computer modeling, components of the steel frame could be analyzed and configured for economy and ease of fabrication. One especially innovative technique devised by the team and the contractor was to fabricate the entire vertical assemblies for the service and circulation cores off site and essentially “bolt” them to the structure, resulting in a significant savings in cost and time.


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