The Secret Garden

The expansion of the new Tavazzano cemetery experiences an unusual link between funerary architecture and natural landscape. As an alternative to the traditional densified urban cemetery, a special proposal draws a not conventional image of the sacred space, a place of scarcity, a kind of intense and emotional garden of memory.
Enclosed between a permeable fence and giant order arcades, covered walkways and pure architectural prisms define a place where the distance between things generates tension and perceptive events. Stone, brick and concrete push the lexicon of the architectural language towards physical permanence, modeling architectures such as prostheses, sculptural bodies looking for integration with the existing buildings.
But vacuum, paradoxically, wins at last. Five gardens, each of a different hue depending on trees, shrubs and flowers planted, give to individual recollection and reflection colors and scents of beautiful flowers during all seasons of the year. Nature and artifice harmoniously blend together just constructing the impression of an ancient land. The funerary buildings,simple and rigorous, derive their beauty from having anything superfluous. Picturesque exaggerations, typical of latin models, are here replaced by a kind of quiet and domestic monumentality.

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