The Red Victorian
The Red Victorian is a historic hotel located in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, two blocks from Golden Gate Park and well served by public transit. The hotel was constructed in 1904 as the Jefferson Hotel. In 1967 during the Summer of Love it was called the Jeffrey-Haight. In 1977, Dr. Sami Sunchild, environmental artist and social activist, acquired the building, painted the Victorian facade red plus 9 other trim colors, and named it the "Red Victorian". She created a business founded on love and honoring the best of the ideals that were birthed on that street and in that building, namely the peace movement, the environmental (or "green") movement, the cooperative community movement, and the social justice movement. The Red Victorian hosts World Conversations, also known as conversation cafes and is featured on Conversation Cafe's website Featured Conversation Cafe. These World Conversations are held every Sunday morning at 9am in the Peace Cafe. Sami Sunchild states: "As part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation, Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world as a whole." Peaceful World Conversations. "The Red Vic" has been decorated and restored celebrating these themes; each of the 18 guest rooms has a unique design. The building also houses Peaceful World Foundation, the Peace Center, Peace Arts Gallery and Gift Shop and Red Vic Peace Cafe.