The program of the low-rise houses " Accessible and comfortable residence"

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The object of the program is not a search of some ideal scheme, which may be used easily and many times in different cases. This program is an attempt to create the infrastructure of the simple, understandable and popular principles: - green plants - clean yard - good service - entertainment and rest - safety - financial viability All of these priorities mean quite difficult things: - social zoning structure - age communication - public values - transport infrastructure - climate specifics - landscape geological characteristics of the district - historical and cultural roots of the region - image and aesthetic categories. Our program has three main items to realize all the idea: Residential section – it’s like a part of a puzzle, it helps to create the general picture; Building technology. There may be different energy-conservative pre-fabricated building systems: monolith, metal frame, wood. There are three main aspects, which reflect all the opportunities of the residential section. 1.Town-planning aspect. On the base of the residential section there are different schemes, which help to expand a variety of the design decisions in the conditions of the limited city-building, including reconstruction of old buildings on the difficult landscape with a serious falls of the relief (along and across) 2. Social aspects. The base of the social structure is the same: residential section. On it’s base we have the opportunity to divide zones for different social groups of the people, it helps to make this project more democratic. On the level of the residential section we can separate the types of housing: - by age level; - by the level of the welfare; - by the type of housing: a. hotel housing b. lease housing 3. Space-planning aspects: Saving the fundamental structural lay-out of the section we can have different nomenclature of the flats (1,2,3,4- room), and also half-level, one-level and two-level flats with the separate entrance from the street. Also we can change the amount of the floors of the sections from 3 to 5 floors. 4. Aesthetic aspect. Different opportunities of the changing of the space-planning specifications of the section in unchangeable structural scheme (by changing the amount of floors and inside planning) give the architectural and aesthetic attraction to the building. Besides, there are a huge variety of the facade finishing materials.


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