The Poplar Creek Public Library

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The Poplar Creek Public Library

The Poplar Creek Public Library is a multiple award-winning project located in Streamwood, Illinois. In May 2011, it was named the #1 New "Landmark Library" In the United States by Library Journal Magazine, solidifying its innovative architectural and functional approach towards Library design. It also won a 2010 AIA Chicago Design Excellence award for Interior Architecture, as well as a 2009 GE Edison Award of merit for exceptional lighting design. 

The dramatic transformation of the existing building was propelled by merging an existing brutalist-inspired Library with a fluid new addition. At the exterior, a glass tower was expressed, creating a lantern welcoming patrons inside the new main entrance, while sculptural light boxes were employed on the opposite facade to create whimsy. After a 2½ year design and construction phase, it emerged as a contemporary structure with a green mindset and a sharp focus on technology.

On the interior, existing reading rooms were converted to comfortable lounges, re-establishing areas of
solitude. Natural light washes into the sunken lower level around the curvaceous edges that wind through the "amoeba room" while color, texture, and pattern create visceral depth and tame the original building's rigid palette of formed concrete and wood. Art and technology also fuse together in the integration of a
programmable LED light wall. This vibrant, flexible and functional social center engages patrons by blending unexpected modernism with progressive ideas and sustainable practices.


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