The Papilion
the project located in the heart of Jakarta. The challenge is to create a blend transparent building in tropical climate as Indonesia. This transparencies create a effect of reflection during the daytime, it reflect the surrounding, and at night time become a glowing box. both effect creating lightness at this scale building. Ground to 2nd floor is consist with high end boutique shops and one small coffee shop at ground floor, and at 3rd floor located the fine dinning restaurant including the roof top for outdoor dining. this scheme creates a multilayered shopping experience with different feeling inside each lobby. All the building covered by transparent glass, and treated as double layer glass facade. The biggest one are 1,5m gap between curtain wall and hanging glass screen. the opening at the bottom and on the top will creates air flow to blow hot radiation. This detail is like creating a glass house effect infront of the facade.The heat will trap before entering the building and naturally will blow with the air flow. At the entrance corridor we create the same effect. Here the gap smaller and the opening at the top covered by aluminium louvres. There is a small gaps between interior glass partition,glass ceiling, that twill creates the same effect of air circulation. The other structure painted with with color to endorse the idea of lightness and transparencies. The thin overhang also to divide the function of shops and reataurant at the top level. it also creates better human scale at the area. The top floor of covered by double vacum glass curtain wall which is better for accoustic requirements and also as a heat barrier to this floor. ( the scheme of this can be seen at the images attached)


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