The mobile interactive micromuseum for Erich Kästner

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The mobile interactive micromuseum for Erich Kästner

An interactive mobile museum created for the internationally famous children’s author Erich Kästner. The museum was conceived to demonstrate a fund raising concept that started in 1999 to celebrate Kästner's 100 birthday and was completed in Feb 2009, the 10 anniversary of its existence. The project was designed to grow every year with the addition of a further interactive architectural element. This is a fundamental break from the normal cultural institutions, were government funding exists before a project begins or a wealthy private source exists. It demonstrates that architecture can deliver concepts that inspire a democratically people lead project. This is an example of a new type of architecture project that grows from the street and is developed and driven from the citizen base. It is a project that offers today’s society a solution that will help create a better tomorrow. Thus it is idealistic, a political statement, a manifesto of an architectural thought. The concept that architecture can make an impact, can help in forming a society that respects energy, materials, time and space as symbols of wealth greater than that of fiscal wealth is demonstrated through the projects "microglobal" qualities. Big cultural projects with today’s multimedia potential can indeed be small in volume and yet big in impact. "Doing more with Less" is the architects motto for the 21st century. This project is not about being "beautiful" in a surface manner; it is beautiful architecture because it embodies the heroic principles of the modern ideal, freedom, independence democracy.


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    The "micromuseum" by Ruairí O'Brien is situated in Dresden. see
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