The MediaPro Imagina Tower
The Mediapro Tower Urban system. The initial sequence with a perspective of the Agbar Tower. The conditions of this project are directly related to the geometry of the Diagonal and its break as it angles around the corner. This turn along the Diagonal is adjacent with the Tower’s atrium, and the cantilever that shades the public square, indicating the placement of the front and side elevations. Tying the geometries of the Diagonal and Atrium help to situate an open view towards the TMB Building. Small modifications where made to the atrium floor plans so as to align both buildings and create a synchronized relationship with the urban layout of Bolivia Street. The atrium opens up Bolivia Street as a public area, inviting everyone the opportunity to enter and participate. It is a continuation of the public square and its uninterrupted pavement system. The perpendicular crowning of the Diagonal hides the installations, which define their intersection in the rear. The juxtaposed relationship established between the geometries, structure and skin allows for the definition of two separate floor plans. They are similar programmatically at the moment they meet with the front elevation of the building on the Diagonal Avenue. Upon analysis, it became evident that the column grid, as it was first configured, would experience a series of unwanted hyperstatic reactions. These were generated by a large cantilever that lacked adequately spaced supports. Additionally, fire code requirements and the improbability of applying a metallic structure to the floor slab required the development of a unique engineering solution. Focused on the shear stresses, a resolution using a structural diaphragm was developed to transmit the lateral overloads towards the perimeter. Filtration of these forces continues through other support elements and finally into to the foundation. The reticulation of the columns enables the structural system to act as great Vierendel beams.


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