The Mall

The Mall is a shopping centre in Bromley, South East London, United Kingdom. It is small in size and is often overshadowed by the main shopping centre in Bromley The Glades. It is not connected with or owned by The Mall Fund, a company operating shopping centres across the UK using 'The Mall' and then the town name as branding for each centre.

The Mall is owned by Henry Boot Developments; the shops between and including Art at home and The Mall News are owned by Threadneedle Property investments. The reason for this is because this building was there before The Mall opened. At that time it was wholly occupied by British Gas showroom. In 1979 75 High street as it was and still partly is was divided into 7 units (75 High Street (currently Art at Home), another 75 High Street (which remained a British Gas showroom, now KFC), 32, 28/30 (which has never been individual units), 26 and 24 and was extended up to the part currently owned by Henry Boot Developments (currently Strattons Jewelers).

The Mall appeared on the cover of the 1982 album Sounds like Bromley by Bromley-born Billy Jenkins. The picture is of the rear of what is now Poundland (Bromley Toy Fayre and Bramber Womenswear at the time) to the right and the car park above Argos (J Sainsbury at the time).


The Mall has been re-furbished and re-developed by Henry Boot Developments with completion in 2007. The document is however inaccurate, it says that The Mall was originally built in the early 1960s. The Mall was originally built in the late 1960s and opened in September 1970 on the land which was previously a school that was still there in the early 1960s. Another inaccuracy is that they claim that the property had been underinvested for almost 30 years before it was acquired by Henry Boot Developments in approximately 2003, suggesting there were underinvestments since 1973. This is not true, because in 1973 The Mall had only been open for 3 years and there were developments in 1983 with kiosks added which were later removed in approximately 1985, 1993 and 2000.

The redevelopment planned to bring new shops, a gym, large department store and bike parking however the bike parking was not installed and the planned gym was later converted to office space which has never been occupied (although has been used by the maintenance company The Mall uses). The large department store became Uniqlo, Poundland and an empty shop, Poundland extended in to half of the empty shop.

Current shops

Henry Boot Developments owned part

Threadnedle Property Investments owned part

Current offices

Berkley House

  • Splash Damage - Website - Floors 2 & 3

Atlas House

  • Empty

There are two train stations in Bromley that serve the mall.

  • Bromley South railway station
  • Bromley North railway station
  • There is also a bus interchange outside the centre.