The Japanese Pavilion 2008 Installation

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The Japanese Pavilion 2008 Installation

because it is impossible to show actual buildings at the biennale, ishigami has found an alternative 
format to showing architectural forms by creating an installation which has a parasitical relationship to the 
pavilion's existing structure. he has constructed 'buildings' at a 1:1 scale, which have been designed with precise 
structural calculations, just barely able to stand. the installation suggests the future possibilities of architecture, 
which for ishigami is comprised of delicate greenhouses which have ephemeral physical presence that blends 
into their surrounding environment. ishigami's greenhouses are not equipped with air control systems, nor are they 
sealed off from the outside by a barrier, reducing the feel of an artificial environment. the weakness of the plant 
barriers result in an ambiguous mixing of elements from the internal and external environment. with the help of 
botanist hideaki ohba, ishigami aims to present a selection of plant life which creates a slight disturbance in the 
landscape of the park. at first the landscape seems quite ordinary, but it is this belief that this is an extremely 
progressive approach to an environment.
upon entering the interior, the japanese pavilion appears almost empty thus revealing the beauty of the 
original space. the greenhouses which ishigami have constructed are dispersed amongst the pavilion's exterior
using furniture and plants to create the atmosphere of an interior landscape. the overall architecture of the space 
is not given any definite qualities of a physical object, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior, 
making the japanese pavilion appear as if it is an artificial environment or an element of topography. it was 
ishigami's goal to consider both architecture and landscape on the same level, using plants to create an 
environment which is comparable in scale to that of the built environment. he has tried to marry nature and 
architecture with each other to the point that the two seem almost indistinguishable so that everything internally 
and externally exists simultaneously.


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