The Ivy
The site is located adjacent to New Farm Park and its associated Council Library. It is a “brown field` site, previously utilised as a warehouse building. This location and the proximity to New Farm Park afford significant views over the gardens to the south. The site is generally flat with vehicular assess via a private driveway and ramp from the west off Sydney Street and an access gate and pathway along the park edge of the site for pedestrians. The design approach emphasises; the addresses to both Sydney Street and New Farm Park which do not depend on borrowed views from adjoining sites; respects and provides maximum privacy from overlooking to and from adjoining sites; and has screening to balcony edges/sides for further improved privacy. The scheme seeks to offer maximum interaction with the Sydney Street frontage as a priority notwithstanding the western aspect. Living areas to both the ground and upper floors (including balconies & terraces) open out to visually link the internal spaces with Sydney Street. Given that the orientation of this façade is due west, careful thought has been given to the balance between sun shading, visual interaction with the street and resident privacy. To achieve this, the use of retractable blinds, sliding/fixed sunshade screens and hoods and façade projections have been implemented to offer both a significant level of resident control and elevation articulation. The combination of these elements and the proximity of these spaces to the front site boundary ensure that the development maximises it presence within the streetscape. Currently this area of New Farm Park is dedicated to car parking (bitumen/kerbed surfacing) offering little amenity to local resident. The location of the new development and its orientation allows for a significant improvement of security and accessibility to this entry point of New Farm Park by the enhancement of passive surveillance and visual connectivity for pedestrians with the new development. The development seeks to provide a contemporary sub-tropical architectural expression and character to provide a clear identity and location of place. The prominence of the corner site offers the opportunity to create a recognisable building enhancing the transition/entrance to the Park. The private and articulated, three story terrace houses sitting over the basement car park rely on a distinct character for each house to convey a sense of identity within the larger contemporary subtropical expression. The exterior form and detail of the houses is further informed by and derived from a subtle diversity of colours and materials to balconies and screens which give shade and privacy to the outdoor living areas and interiors. All glazed area are either deeply recessed or screen shaded. A higher degree of natural ventilation is achieved by both the plan configuration and the generous openings to all bedrooms and living areas enabling dwellings to take maximum advantage also of the outlook to the external parkland landscape. Although planning arrangements are similar for all of the houses, each house is designed with a particular character to create a high level of diversity, and to assist in differentiation avoiding any overtones of institutional or repetitious character. The forms of the building within the landscape have been derived from a rigorous analysis of the site conditions and to maximise view opportunities and privacy. Concern for energy efficient design recognises the need for shelter for prevailing winds, the capturing of cooling breezes, preferred north-south orientation and opportunities for natural ventilation. Orienting the buildings to achieve a north-south axis also offers best passive solar benefit. Building services systems have been chosen to achieve the highest quality energy efficiencies and return on capital and lifecycle costing.


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