The Igloo Satellite Cabin

The Igloo Satellite Cabin is designed to provide safe, reliable accommodation in remote areas. It has been used for over 25 years in conditions ranging from the tropics to polar icecaps. Units can be flown by helicopter fully assembled, and often fully equipped, to locations inaccessible by road transport. Igloos are ideal short-term accommodation for exploration and research, as well as an attractive alternative for eco-tourism.

The basic Igloo Satellite Cabin (3m diameter and 2.1m high) is a pre-fabricated, insulated, fibreglass cabin made from 8 wall panels and 4 self-supporting floor panels. The whole Igloo is bolted together and secured to the ground by 8 wire tie-down lines attached to tent pegs or similar depending on the terrain. Four of these tie-down lines also act as lifting strops to attach to a helicopter.

Each wall and floor panel is a composite of fibreglass and polyurethane insulation with an R rating of 0.904m2K/W. Windows are double-glazed polycarbonate panes, which are shockproof. Floor panels have a non-skid surface, and are bolted to wall panels and to each other. Each cabin has two ventilators, one in each door and top cover.

Igloos can be lengthened to six or more metres by adding sets of extension panels, or interlinked by tunnels to provide a complete weatherproof base. All Igloos are customized to suit specific requirements and are available in a range of colours and configurations. Basic assembly tools, bolts, sealant tie-down lines, assembly instructions and brochures are supplied with each order.

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