The Hunting Lodge
The Hunting Lodge The Hunting Lodge project is about redesigning an existing house that already had been converted from a hunting lodge to a permanent accommodation. During the first conversion the original features such as the open air inner yard and the outside doors disappeared. With the new reconstruction the aim of the architect was to restore the key features of the original building, to let the house regain its character within a modern design. The Hunting Lodge was built at the turn of the 20th century on the forelands of the River Waal (NL) by a wealthy family whose fortune take its roots in the brick industry. The partially covered inner yard, enclosed within the outside walls, lead to the gun room, kitchen, dining room and sleeping quarters. From the inner yard men could also access the terraced roof and admire the beautiful landscape lying before their eyes. During the second half of the 20th century, the building was converted to a permanent living accommodation. As a result, the inner yard was built up and the original open structure simply disappeared. The outside doors and the tiny patio garden, placed at the centre of what was the open yard, are the only elements reminding us of the Hunting Lodge’s past. The main concern of the last conversion, in 2007, was to retrieve the open space of the original yard in addition to rearrange the structure of the house within the already existing contours according to the wishes of the current owner. We reopened the area where the yard was initially situated, took off the roof and reclaimed the open space on the first level. Above this area and at the centre of it, a glazed bathroom was elevated on pillars. The open area of first level referring to the former inner yard accommodates the kitchen-diner from which you can oversee all the other areas of the house and glance at the surrounding gardens through various openings among which the former outside doors. The bedroom situated in the already existing part at the front of the building gives access to the glazed bathroom. Lying in bath one can still enjoy the views on the wonderful park and the grass-covered roof is the perfect transition with the surrounding nature and preserve the peaceful and quiet feeling of it.


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