The Horizontal House
THE HORIZONTAL HOUSE THESSALONIKI, GREECE Design: 2007 Construction: 2008-2009 The programme A single family house for a young couple, at Thermi, a quiet suburb at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece. The site A rather flat ground with gentle slopes. A landscape with few houses here and there, framed at the horizon by the Hortiatis Mountain at the east and the distant views of Thermaikos Bay at the southwest. A calm landscape with few elements of intension and a long horizon with elements of extension. The main theme From the beginning it was set by the users that this was to be a house in close contact to the ground. Thus, the ground, as a place, as landscape and nature, formed the main theme. The house had to be on the ground, in immediate relationship to the horizontal landscape. The experience of the place and the way of life of those that will live in became also important. This was to be a horizontal house. The design The house extends on the ground in an L shape, surrounding the pool and the main deck. The wrapping of the surface is used as the means for the definition of the programme and its multiple relations between the inside and the outside. The horizontal line becomes surface that wraps around the programme, defining the volume and its contact to the ground. Space becomes fluid from one part to the other. Transparency, semitransparent materials, natural light from above, quiet geometry, simple lines, aiming for calmness at design. Materials Fair-faced concrete for the surface, large aluminum openings, wood on the floor.


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