The Heart of Africa Biodome

Proctor and Matthews Architects design for a Biodome at Chester Zoo has been submitted for detail planning.  Working with AECOM and Barton Willmore, the scheme forms part of the "Natural Vision" redevelopment plan, a 225M project that will occur over the next 15 years and is expected to establish the zoo as Europe's largest conservation, animal and leisure attraction.

The Heart of Africa Biodome will be 34 metres high and larger than the Tropical House at Eden. The project covers 16,000 square metres and will simulate the natural African rainforest habitats of the Congo.  It includes an undulating dome which will be one of the largest ETFE clad free form roof structures in the world and contain a jungle canopy with an authentic climate. It will be home to a band of gorillas, a large troop of chimpanzees, okapi (rare giraffe-like creatures), birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, and invertebrates. An interactive water ride will provide extensive views of the animal enclosures.  Themed retail and dining facilities will also be incorporated.

It is expected that Heart of Africa will be open to visitors in 2014.


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