The Golden Angel of Smichov
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Jean Nouvel
The Golden Angel of Smichov Prague, Czech Republic
Photo: Kirsten Kiser
The Golden Angel of Smichov..... Went to the opening of the latest addition to Prague; a department store and office spaces designed by Jean Nouvel for ING Real Estate.
Jean Nouvel stands out in a crowd.... and the crowd was there in full. I was lucky to have an invitation, but it was difficult to push through the crowd that had gathered outside the new building that was shining like an exquisite piece of jewelry.... Jean Nouvel designed the center around the theme of its namesake metro station. The face of the corner building sports an 18-meter-tall (59-foot) angel composed of countless small dots.
Excerpts from authors Rainer Maria Rilke, Franz Kafka, Gustav Meyrink and Jiri Orten are written in large red letters on the buildings.
Photo: Kirsten Kiser
Jean Nouvel speaking at the opening.
Photo: Kirsten Kiser
Getting ready for the opening! This is just a preview to keep you up to date, I will tell you a lot more about the building in an upcoming feature. Jean Nouvel arcspace features


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