The Glenwood Power Plant

 From inactive power plant to vibrant public space, Will Alsop has revealed the much-anticipated renderings for the Glenwood waterfront regeneration project. The Glenwood power plant combines Alsop's playful and innovative design with dynamic local community input. "I'm really excited. Not only is this my first building in the US but I have the opportunity to build on a river, adjacent to a World class city with a client that is enthusiastic about creating a carbon-free building", says Alsop.

The project springs to life with Alsop's signature injection of color, gravity defying design and proposed green space. The new multi-use complex appears to sprout from the original foundation in an animated display of ingenuity, with its striped stilts and bright geometric shapes.

A new public promenade encircles the three structures, connecting the park areas in the rear to the waterfront. The Glenwood project transforms the Power Plant switch house into a new contemporary art museum with residential units above. Hovering over the original building, the largest of the towers will house residences, retail, waterfront restaurants and a rooftop green space with exercise facility, pool and plots for resident gardens. The elevated Magic Tower to the south of the main power plant building will be an additional residential building.

"BETTER at Glenwood will serve as a model that will change the character of the Hudson River and elevate the cachet of Yonkers. Yonkers deserves world class architecture and New York's first carbon-free building", says Erik Kaiser of REMI Companies. REMI has developed a "BETTER" concept in development that combines the highest quality architecture and sustainable design in order to raise the quality of life for inhabitants and improve the entire community.



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