The 'glass house'

The ‘glass house’ was the first house built on the Morumbi neighborhood (São Paulo west side). Its singularity lies in the relation with the environment and the insertion into the landscape. Surrounded by forest, the nature is an architectural element, so the architect’s intention on suspending the house, keeping the terrain profile untouched. The entire site is now fully occupied by Atlantic Forest vegetation.


All the vertical structure consists of steel tubes, while the slabs and others structural components are made of reinforced concrete. It’s elegant structure and glass panels allows a complete visual continuity of the landscape.


Designed in 1950 and built in 1951, the ‘glass house’ was the first built project of Lina Bo Bardi. She conceived her own house to receive people, an ‘open house’ as she said innumerous times.


The house was listed by local authorities as historical site in 1987. In 1995 it was donated by Professor Bardi (Lina’s husband) to house the Lina Bo and P. M. Bardi Institute. Today it houses part of  their private art collection.




Photos credits:

Peter C. Scheier
Marcelo Ferraz

Instituto Bo e P. M. Bardi

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