The Freedom Park
FREEDOM PARK, PHASES 1 & INTERMEDIATE, SALVOKOP, PRETORIA Architects: Gapp Architects and Urban Designers; MMA Architects; Mashabane Rose Architects In Joint Venture | Structural Engineers:Africon / Madinga | Mechanical Engineers: Uhuru Wetu | Electrical Engineers: Electrical – Wsp / Ubunye | Environmental: Earth Inc | Landscaping: Newtown Landscape Architects Bagale Green Inc Momo Landscape Architects Joint Venture (Nbgm) | Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon; Chauke Qs | Contractor: Concor Trencon Jv | Electronic Engineers: Wsp | Project Managers: PMSA | Photographer: Graham Young of NBGM (Landscape Architects) | 3d Views: Courtesy of Peter Vernarcik (MRA) Freedom Park is a National legacy project that has cabinet approval and is legislated by the National Heritage Resources Act No. 25 of 1999. Situated on a prominent koppie overlooking Tshwane, Freedom Park’s vision is to become “a leading national and international icon of humanity and freedom.


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    sikhumbuto;  hall of leaders exterior & reeds sikhumbuto; moshate south sikhumbuto; interior of the hall of leaders sikhumbuto; the hall of leaders & reeds sikhumbuto; the wall of names & the olive tree sikhumbuto; the eternal flame and sanctuary isivivane element reed elements by day master plan of the freedom park, salvokop - rsa master plan of sikhumbuto, the freedom park - rsa sikhumbuto; plan of moshate sikhumbuto; plan of hall of leaders south elevation of sikhumbuto sikhumbuto; plan of the sanctuary, & eternal flame section through wall of names at wild olive tree sikhumbuto; reed elements by moonlight section throught wall of names section throught hall of leaders freedom park - uitspanplek sikhumbuto; reed elements by twilight
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