The Floating Lake

Empower port identity as an activity generator!

The project focuses on achieving a very wide range of experiences in Samsoe's coastline, improving the connection between the town and the sea must end with strengthening the quality of coastal tourism.

The overall goal is to get more tourists to the areas and create more jobs through the new activities.

Development of nature school is a plan to attract more tourists to the island and the main goal is to add various tourist interesting "spots" on Samsoe ports as well as to form a path for tourism and development.

The new Langør school introduces a new version of the Nature School, a nature pavilion. The basic idea is that the experience of nature and the building must reinforce each other so that the project can generate an interest in the interplay between nature and man.

The building is buried in the landscape and outdoor area is inspired by an "amphitheater / atrium", which is south facing and offers various entrances to the school and contact with the landscape. Outdoor area is a public space of informal social meetings and gatherings, where people of all backgrounds feel welcome, as if it were an extension of their own backyard.

The public space is associated with three main points, road, sea and hill, showing guests the route to experience and explore nature reserve.

Roof construction is inspired by ponds and forms part of the existing landscape as a floating element, "THE FLOATING LAKE" in harmony with the surroundings.


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    I designed this building as a part of my master degree at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.
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